Something new, something cool…

As I was yesterday coming back home after a meetup, tired beyond measure after a hard week at work, I idly scrolled through my Twitter feed. There I saw a tweet from one Maxime Rouiller


It turns out I needed that kind of a kick, so in order to be a better writer and to google myself… I humbly give you tonights post.

There will be no code though, just something that is not new but what I consider cool. Some may think that working is software testing is a technical kind of a job. And they would not be wrong – if you want to be a tester, you got to learn a lot of the tech stuff. But you also learn about the business of your customers, business and goals of the companies you work for. But there is more, there is something I consider the core of my job – being part of a team.

I work in an Agile environment, which I really like (there is a post about Agile coming soon). I love testing, that much you probably already know. I enjoy unraveling the technical problems and intricacies – these are like a good puzzle. Without the people I work with, this would all be a lot less pleasant experience though. I had the privilege of working with some amazing people during my short, two-year career in QA.

Developers who answered my, sometimes really stupid, questions. Who taught me a lot and were willing to build the trust of our work relationship. Business analysts who do a lot of hard work by asking a lot of questions and answering a lot of those. One of BAs, a very nice woman named Ula, is my role model when it comes to being patient. Project Managers, who showed me the meaning of keeping your temper in check and balancing between the urge to satisfy the customer with doing right by the team.

Last but not least – all of the wonderful fellow testers who accompany me on this journey. Paula and Michał, who formed a “Bug, Honor, Reopen” team with me and we went to two TestingCup competitions together. Natalia, Tomek, Kuba, Rafał, and Sławek who, by their everyday doings, show the value of hard work, share the experience and honestly care about teaching others.


This post is to thank You all for creating real, working teams. To thank You for your effort for these teams to be more than the sum of all people creating them.

And to whoever is reading this post – I know we sometimes have hard days at work. We get angry at each other, we are angry, tired or sad. But remember – we are all part of a team, so just try to smile because together we will create something really awesome!

The Story Of My TestBash Adventure

also published at Ministry of Testing

Not so long ago (February 2018) and not so far away (Wrocław, Poland), there was a junior tester who really wanted to attend a TestBash Netherlands. One day, while scrolling her Twitter feed, she discovered that Ministry of Testing was giving away a three-day ticket as a scholarship to TestBash Netherlands. She decided to take her chances – she sat down, wrote an email about how much she loved testing and what it would mean for her to go to TestBash and be able to share the knowledge back at work, she hit send and kept fingers crossed…

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7 sins of IT meetups…

Entry 18

Last time I promised to write about the meetups and their pros and cons.

I have mentioned multiple times that meetups/gatherings/conferences are one of the things that I love so much about being a QA. The sheer possibility of meeting other professionals, to learn from them, to hear what they did right/wrong, to discuss various topics with other people, may it be QAs, BAs, DEVs, Agile-rs … That is just great.

Until now, I think I have been to around 35-40 meetups/gatherings/conferences – generally speaking “meetings in real (not virtual) world when group of people from IT gather and listens to presentations, discusses, shares and exchange experiences”. When I was sitting at the last one, I started to write down what I liked about it and what was bothering me, and it got me thinking… Continue reading “7 sins of IT meetups…”

TestWarez 2017 – part 1

Entry 16

Finally, after two months ( sorry, busy with life), I got around to wrote about the great experience that was TestWarez2017. And, believe me, I can not overstate how GREAT it was. TestWarez, as I wrote here is the oldest and the largest Polish conference for all involved in and interested in Quality Assurance and I was able to go thanks to my employeer PGS Software – thank You so much guys!


Ok, so, as promised I’d like to walk you through my thoughts about the presentations and/or discussion panels I attended.

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Entry 15

As I was talking to a friend about my beginnings as a tester I remembered my struggles on how to report bugs during my internship, as we were given challenges rather than simple solutions…


Bugs of course come in all shapes and sizes, but the right bug report is essential Continue reading “BuggyLand”

TestWarez 2017 on the horizon!

Hi! Long time no see, huh? I wrote multiple times what a great thing it is to be able to attend all sorts of meetups and conferences for QA’s – to meet new people, hear new ideas and interesting insights. Since last year I had this quiet dream I would maybe, someday, possibly be able to go to TestWarez.

TestWarez is the oldest and the biggest Polish conference dealing with subjects of quality and testing – 2017 is marking it;s 12th edition. It is organized by Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych – Polish ISTQB board. It is known from the interesting topics, possibility to meet and learn from the best and epic parties.

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