TestFest 2017

Entry 12

Do you like to sleep longer on Saturdays? Me too! Yet, on 25th of February I was really happy to get up at the ungodly hour of 7:00 AM. It was a  day of TestFest 2017! I was looking forward to it for the last few months and was overwhelmed with joy when I got tickets. I’m not over-exaggerating in here – getting the tickets for TestFest is like trying to get tickets to ComiCon  (but they are free, so maybe it’s even harder). I managed to get them as a consolation prize for not getting chosen as a speaker (and after I saw how good the people there were, I think it was a right decision).


What is TestFest, you ask? It is one of the biggest (if the biggest) free testing conferences in Poland, taking place in Wrocław and organized by 6 Testing Enthusiast (big thanks to all of them as they do a great job!). 2017 was a 3rd edition of this event, with over 20 speakers and more than 400 attendees. Tickets to attend were gone in minutes and people were talking about it on social media for two months before.


I absolutely loved the idea of little stickers everyone could put on their IDs! Fun and easy way to tell others something about yourself and they have proven to be a good conversational starter. (My favorite was the #developerswife. And I got a #testershusband for my significant other too!)


As usual, I had a hard time choosing between different presentations and workshops. For my first TestFest talk I chose Myths of usability testing by Julia Zasadna. It was fun and interesting look at how the usability is tested and why. Especially the video with humorous parody of people testing usability of fruits set my mood for the rest of the day. If i missed something it was an idea about how to test usability without a huge budget and a usability lab.

IMG_20170225_105859.jpgNext was Adrian Gonciarz, who tried to convince us API isn’t that scary when you test it using POSTMAN. Well, I got convinced. Big plus what that Adrian tried his best to make all basic ideas as understandable as they could be (and he succeeded) before moving to more complicated ideas. He did a quick case-study and showed us some examples – enough to  make us interested and to make sure we know what to look for if we would want to know more.

IMG_20170225_114140.jpgLast before lunch was “Wojna o jakość, czyli co ma lotnictwo wojskowe do testowania” by Antoni Roszak. I was looking forward to this one as it was recommended by Kinga Witko (whom You might know from her blog  – check it out, if You don’t!). I was not disappointed. Antoni raised an analogy between testing and WWII – it may seem weird, but was really on point. Each project has its’ own battle for quality that we tester should win (or at least try our best to do so) and surely we could all benefit from the five rules Antoni made:

  1. Question WHY – do not let the business target out of your sight
  2. Where does it come from – look for reasons on many levels
  3. Go get them -take action at the source of the problem
  4. Be visible – remember about communication
  5. Squadron of aces- Develop yourself and your team

IMG_20170225_140241.jpgAfter lunch Michał Buczko told us what he has learned about Dev-Test pairing after implementing it in NewVoiceMedia. Michał was as entertaining and informative as always – gave us both interesting insights into Dev-Test pairing, its’ advantages and problems in implementations and a lot of cats! You know I love cats…
This presentation gave me a few interesting ideas, time will tell if anything will come out of it. I wonder how would that look in one of my current projects…

IMG_20170225_145033.jpgTwo testers from VOLVO center of excellence talked about how to make a testers’ life easier. I generally understand the idea of centers of excellence and support it so it was nice to hear how they did it, even though it was a bit too much of a job-offer-advertisement about VOLVO greatness towards the end…

IMG_20170225_153727.jpgLast (but not least!) was Tomasz Dubikowski with his presentation about how we can level up the quality. This was, hands down, the best show (presentation seems a bit too narrow to cover that) at 2017 TestFest. Tomasz is a showman in a best sense of this word and if you add to that interesting topic and a lot of thought thru advice and tips you’ll get the best speaker of TestFest 3rd tie in a row

It was a great experience to be there and I can only hope to be there next year too!

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