TestWarez 2017 on the horizon!

Hi! Long time no see, huh? I wrote multiple times what a great thing it is to be able to attend all sorts of meetups and conferences for QA’s – to meet new people, hear new ideas and interesting insights. Since last year I had this quiet dream I would maybe, someday, possibly be able to go to TestWarez.

TestWarez is the oldest and the biggest Polish conference dealing with subjects of quality and testing – 2017 is marking it;s 12th edition. It is organized by Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych – Polish ISTQB board. It is known from the interesting topics, possibility to meet and learn from the best and epic parties.


I knew I woul notbe able to afford the ticket by my own, so I accepted there would be no TestWarez for me until I either win a lottery or some competition with tickets as a prize. There was a possibility to get them at QA Hackaton in August 2017 in Warsaw, but my team did not rank first ( on a technicality though, gr…).

Second opportunity presented itself when the company I work for made a contest to write a blog post for our blog. So I submitted extended version of Take a testing walk with with Nielsen & Molich (or 10 heuristics for UI design) and I kept my fingers crossed.

imageWeek ago I got the info that I was among the lucky six who got the tickets! Yay! I was so happy! I could not believe it for a few minutes and I felt so proud of myself 😉

Now there is the question I face before any meetup/conference with more than one track – what to choose to attend? There are 5 consecutive tracks this year so the choice is really, really hard.

I finally made my choices, although of course I usually change my mind during these events once or twice. I will be going there with a colleagues from my company by car so there will surely be a discussion during our travel about what are we going to attend – as both of my colleagues knows a lot more about those people and topics that I do, I hope to get some last minute recommendations from them!

For Thursday I chose:

  1. Artificial intelligence – danger or a chance? by Bartłomiej Graczyk
    It was a hard choice, as for me there are three interesting events – the one I chose  and also presentation”Why am I (still) a tester?” and discussion about “Tester at power – judge, jury and executioner in one” that wil lbe lead by Kamlia Mrozek. Kamila’s name always means something interesting, but…  I am interested in all topic concerning AI, not only professionally, but also personally so I would be glad to hear some thoughts regarding that, especially that there is a second presentation following that one.
  2. Testing AI by Paweł Noga
    I haven’t yet had the chance to read/see anything connected to testing in the AI subject so I am glad to take that opportunity. Connecting with previous presentation this may be a very interesting first conference block 
  3. Mission Possible – The story by Oliver Denoo
    “What if you were a BA and that you were forced to collaborate with a tester to release an Evil project? Or is it the other way round? What would be your resources, your strengths or weaknesses, your needs? What tools will you use to get out of such a difficult situation? How would you react, what would you think of and how will you make the best of both approaches? And last but not least, what will you learn from each other’s?” I want to know answers to these questions!
    Last year his workshop was one of the highly rated by attendees. Also he is President of the CFTL – the French ISTQB Board. Seems like someone worth listening to and the title is a plus as I loved the first MI movie 😉
  4. Securing the IOT by Piotr Nazimek
    How to not build castles in the sand – improve Your backlog management skills by Krzysztof Kłosowski
    This the one where I’ll be making the choice on site. I can not decide right now – on one hand IOT security is something of a hot topic now (even at home – my husband reads about IOT security in bed), on the other hand – working with backlog is something that I do a lot in one of my current projects so it would be great to know some tips and tricks…Last panel of the day is the hardest choice I think. There are 2 very appealing presentations + a discussion panel each hour.
  5. Quality in the work of a tester discussion panel with Natalia Krawczyk-Grzegorzewicz and Karolina Zmitrowicz.
    It would be good to take part in at least one discussion panel on TestWarez and this one is my hot top pick – both because of the topic and the two ladies leading it. I had a pleasure to attend presentations by both of them separately on different occasions plus talked to them and heard about good talk with Karolina during TestingCup this June. Can’t wait!
  6. How to test better? Jan Sabak
    Who would not want to know that? Jan will talk about how to find what can be improved in testing, improving it and measuring the effects. Something every tester can never get enough of.

Aaand with surprise lightning talk Thursday official part will end. In the evening – the banquet – can’t wait! Party after TestingCup wast great this year, will the TestWarez top it?


Friday means second day and 6 more choices.

  1. First part of the day’s talks will be sponsor talks – they will probably be announced in details just before conference. If I fail to find anything interesting this would be a time to buy a famous Toruń gingerbread! (Or stay in bed a little longer after the banquet…)
  2. From testing to quality monitoring – challenges of quality assurance in continuous delivery Michał Błaszak
    I did not yet have the opportunity to work and test in a DevOps project but one day it will probably happen – it would be very interesting to hear how it should be done and how to make continuous testing as smooth and good as possible.
  3. How to escape the traps of development and testing in multiple streams of work Bruno Mańczak
    “Software Quality is important but so is Time to Market, i.e. time needed for the software to reach its end-users. Balancing between those two factors decides which product prevails and which product becomes obsolete and forgotten. Fortune awaits for The One who knows how to find the balance between those two forces.”
    This is something I struggle with a lot in one of my projects…
  4. “Test case” vs “Customer Use Case” Piotr Wójtowicz
    Three perspectives of sharing knowledge Andrzej Doliński
    Piotr will talk about the test coverage and possibility to increase it with replacing test case with Customer Use Case – pros and cons, which sounds very interesting as it seems to be an infinite struggle to cover all the possible test cases and not drop face-first from the exhaustion. But…
    Sharing knowledge from the perspectives of newbie, trainer and a company is also a very interesting topic. In one of my previous jobs I trained new comers and even though it was not a QA-related, surely a lot of parallels will show.
    Hard choice, can’t decide now…
  5. About the power of optimism and agile self-development Jędrzej Osiński
    I strongly believe that your job will be only done well when you like it , have space for development and looking optimistically into your work-related future. As Jędrzej will be talking about why are all those things important and how to apply SCRUM in your personal life – this seems to be the perfect choice!
  6.  “Blind leading the blind” – Who are you? – Self discovery tools for a successful career, increased productivity and happiness Mateusz Holewski
    Exploratory vs. scripted testing Michał Buczko
    The first presentation would be a great follow up for the one given by Jędrzej Osiński in the previous session and seems to be overall interesting – talking about changing your plans accordingly to experiences and pushing the limits. On the other hand – there’s discussion panel lead by Michał, whom I already listened to on several occasions (it was always entertaining and refreshing) and from whom I got the personal invitation, so the choice is hard…

I can’t wait and if it would only be possible I would get a time-travel machine to go to every session, listen to every talk and experience everything, but as it seems I could not find any of those – some hard decisions were made.
That’s it – these are my choices for TestWarez 2017.
Are You going? What are your plans on what to attend? Drop me a line 🙂




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