Some interesting paths to follow. Part 1 – reading.

Learning is like a drug to some of us – once you start to learn things that interest you, it’s nearly impossible to stop. That’s a beautiful thing, really. When you learn you not only get better tools to understand the world, be better at your job etc., but you also grow as a person.
There are many events/ meet-ups/ conferences attend. But let’s be honest – you don’t always have time/possibility/money to go somewhere and learn. Sometimes you’re just tired or it’s too cold outside to go. Or you just like to learn while sitting under you beloved, cozy blanket with hot tea in your reach (yup, that’s me).
Fortunately – we can always reach into the depths of internet!


There are may ways to learn something new and useful without leaving that comfy place:
– read a book / post / white paper/ discussion etc.
– take a look at what’s going on a community site
– visit a FB profile
– watch webinar or recording of talk

Today I’d like to share my favorite things to read and www places to visit to read.


For me borrowing books from friends & family and using a nearby library has always been a must. I simply read to quick to afford all books I wanna read and have not nearly enough space to store those books. However, when it comes to books related to testing and all things related problem appears. My family can not lend me a helping book as they are not interested in the field and my friends if they have a technical book it’d be something along the lines of “Clean code” or “HTML 5.0”. Nearby library is out of the question all the same. I think I can safely assume I’m not the only one facing that problem.
Of course, there are always SafariBooks but I don’t get (yet) paid enough to use those.

!Disclaimer – I do not encourage to download or use any illegal sources. As I am not a law expert it’s up to you to decide. If downloading the book seems fishy – just treat it as an info site!


So when in need of books…
* How to test by Mike Talks – fun and info-packed book for beginners
* Scrum Guide definitely a must-read for everyone, even if you don’t work in Agile environment, it’d be good to know what the mysterious that SCRUM is. Plus, you can get a version in your native language too!
Free books by ISTI – basics-covering books about software testing, scrum or project management
Ministry of testing free ebooks – sign-up for free and gain access to over 20 ebooks from BIG names in the QA world
All IT books – a good way to search for books, that are worth reading
Foxebook – another page to see what’s been published and seems interesting

Papers: short & interesting.
What a tester should know [PL] B.Bereza translated Hans Schaefer
Jonatan Kohl’s papers – my recommendation: I SLICED UP FUN! it helped me a lot when I need to test mobile for a first time.
Tech Well – quite literally a seemingly bottomless well of  white papers, worth a subscription.

BLOG on speech bubble price labels
There are also blogs that I either follow regularly or occasionally go to, when in need for some interesting things to think about. I like this form of writing, as it usually resembles listening to a short lightning talk or talking with a more experienced friend.

How to train your Java – even if Java is not your kind of fun, you’ll enjoy this blog. If you’d like to know how it’s like to be a senior developer with a sense of humor – you’ll find out here. 
Evil Tester – this guy is my spirit animal, I swear! Lots of stories and answers, both useful and extremely amusing to read.
Tech Worm – your place for news and quirky insights, post about staring work as software tester led me there.
Brendan Connolly – really like his style and the fact that he’s writing about things most testers can relate to.
Niebezpiecznik [PL] – always interesting, quite often terrifying.
Thoughts of a developer [PL] – for those who want to see how it’s like on the other (dev) side.
QA 24 [PL] – discontinued in 2015, but covers lots of basic topics in Polish, useful for beginners.
Test Detective – investigate technical issued with Łukasz, it’s fun.
Awesome testing – concisely and concretely. And awesome!
Testing + ME [PL] – testing among other things
DrPete – not updated in a while, but older posts are still valid. Here you’ll find a bit of everything: marketing, lifestyle, good read just for fun.
Software testing help – articles, tutorials and training.

And, last but not least Test Magazine – free subscription for a digital version. Good articles and news from QA/IT world. Plus, you get the access to their archive.

If you have any interesting links to share – please do so in the comment section!

That’s it for today! Next time part 2 – community sites or a few thousands testers walk into a bar…

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