So many ways… Always too little time.

You know the saying about taking things step by step?  Right now I’m feeling like I got some special ability from a (not so ancient) artifact and I am doing seven steps in five different directions at once. Don’t get me wrong I love it. What brave hero while entering unknown land wouldn’t want to do so?

So, one step into BDD (Crunchy Cucumber!), some testing automation, test plans, UX testing, continuous delivery, planning self-development. It’s like being in candy store and trying to lick all lollipops. Maybe I’ll get a bit sick later, but who cares?

To be honest, starting in a field so wast, interesting and beautiful will put You in a position where You want to try everything, like right now! But You have to pace Yourself or You’ll end up deep within dark forest reading about detail case study of ScalaTesting. Not that this isn’t nice or interesting, ’cause it is but it’s like trying to read modern poetry in a language You can barely use to ask for directions. Entertaining, but You’ll end up sweating and wishing You paid more attention along the way.

Right now I choose to look into continuous delivery – got a book for that, it is in my 30-60-90 plan. (And I have soooo many bookmarked articles to read).

Or maybe I’ll also take a sneak peak at one webinar. Or five…


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