Map to a new territory.

” For five years I was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive.” – sounds familiar?  (If not – go to Mr.Google and come back after watching 4 season of awesomeness). Lately I’ve been thinking “How would it sound for me?”

Hm,hm,hm.  Probably something like that:

“My name is Marta. For five years I’ve been stranded in variety of jobs with only one goal: survive. Now I want to full fill my biggest dream -be truly happy.  But to do that I can not be an accountant I once was. I must become someone else. I must become something else”.

So I decided that I needed a fundamental change. I’ve done some thinking. Then some research. Then some more thinking. Then I asked around. Then more thinking. ( See the pattern? ) As most of my friends are IT people their advice was “Try IT”.

I’ve had this kind of conversations ten years ago, but then I was not ready to do that. I had to go to Uni, study philology, dive into writing, translating and some other things. But this time it was different as the people who were giving me the advice knew me quite well and they had a good argument: “You like picking things apart, searching for holes in everything. Read about software testing. You’d like that”.

I started with Ron Patton’s book. Then I dived into internet and what a refreshing thing it was! Blogs, webinars, community – all that I was missing in terms of learning & development, when it came to my previous jobs! As I was in a hard spot with some other things in my life, I decided to make a jump.

I quit  my job as Senior Accountant and I spent some time at home learning. Then I got my ISTQB:FL certificate ( I can already hear You ISTQB haters, but when You have zero experience how do You show your potential employer You’re serious?). After some remote tasks I did for a testing & consulting platform I was lucky to get into internship in a great software house.

So here I am – new to QA land, with many maps and brochures, bit scared of mountains of automation and deep sea of BDD but I just can’t wait to explore it all! And this will be the story of my adventures in QA land.

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